Admin Control Panel

Services Web Interface version 3 (SWI3) is a fork of EGs Web Panel, created by synmuffin. (we and our users loved the interface!) which we used as a base to start with. SWI can be found at
We have fixed various bugs and made some outputs from commands display better or a bit more visually pleasing. We've also added lots of additional functionality and support for services such as BotServ & GroupServ, social media and have more plans & features in store for the near future!
Again, thanks to synmuffin for the EGs Web Panel as a starting point for us to customize for our network and users! Our Services Web Interface v3 would not have been possible without the EGs Web Panel as a starting point.
Our Services Web Interface (version3) is available at For support with SWI, please see #SWI --or-- #SWI for more information!